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Written on January 4th, 2021

RE/MAX Influencers Break Down Interior Design Trends Expected in 2021

2020 was a year that challenged people to adapt the way they went about living their day-to-day lives.

This was reflected in the interior design trends that emerged throughout 2020.

We saw simple trends like: 

  • changing paint colours
  • rearranging furniture 

Plus larger scale trends like:

  • transforming entire rooms
  • adding new and unique spaces to your home

The theme for interior design in 2020 was focused on changing and adapting.

In the most recent blog from RE/MAX, we hear from a panel of RE/MAX Sales Associates from across Canada. These influencers offered their insights on what interior design trends they believe are expected to emerge as we move into 2021.

Home Offices

Home offices were a big trend in 2020 as many people shifted to working from home.

And it’s no surprise that this trend is expected to continue in 2021 as many people transition to working from home permanently.

Home offices can also be seen as multipurpose. Many people also have children doing schooling online as well.

While there may not be room for everyone in a home office, a designated workspace lets someone participate in meetings and calls without having to disrupt others.

Outdoor Space

With many people having to spend a considerable amount of time in their homes due to the current state of the world, outdoor space is expected to be a huge trend as we move into the new year.

Having some sort of outdoor space is important and many people are looking for more outdoor space.

Whether it be for kids to run around and play in a large backyard, or to be able to take some time to sit and read on a balcony, outdoor space will be essential to many people in 2021.

Flex Space

Flex space is expected to continue to see popularity in the new year, with many people looking to get creative with the space they currently have in their home.

Some examples of different flex spaces could be:

  • a den that is repurposed into both a home gym – as well as a kid’s playroom
  • or a home office that also doubles as a craft room

Being able to repurpose a space to give it different functionalities can greatly add to a home’s value.

Open & Bright

A big trend that is expected in 2021 is bright and open spaces.

Painting walls with a light, neutral colour and keeping window coverings open will help give the illusion of a larger space, while keeping your home bright.

Utilizing built-ins for storage will also help maximize the space in your home, as it allows clutter to be tucked away out of sight.

Move-In Ready

While 2020 seemed to be the year that many people tackled renovations in their homes, the trend that is expected in 2021 is that of move-in ready homes.

Potential buyers will expect all renos to be done, giving them a brand new, fresh space to move into.

As mentioned, light and bright colours are going to be assets when completing any renos that may be in progress. This gives buyers the opportunity to decorate with pops of colour where they please.

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